Welcome to Global Soil Security 2020 Conference!

Soil security has become the central dogma of the sustainable soil management. Among the global initiatives on the soil management, the soil security is a leading one to integrate the roles of soil functions with the aspects of soil health, ecosystem services and human health.

Through the series of GSS conferences, being held in the Texas A&M University, USA (2015), Paris, France (2016) and University of Sydney, Australia (2018), the concept and dimensions of the global soil security initiative are well delineated. From now on, we need to connect the concept of soil security to policies of soil management. Policy implementation is the core engine for spreading the soil security into global community.

Theme of GSS 2020 is ‘Global Soil Security: Beyond the Soil to Human Health.’ We will tailor the GSS 2020 programs specifically to connecting soil security to the action plans for soil management with goals of optimizing soil ecosystem services and minimizing soil threats, on which to base the future vision of the Soil Security. Thus, GSS 2020 will open the fora for leading scientists, policy makers, general public and students from all over the world.

All of previous GSS Conferences were bestowed by big attendance and great success. Your participations are instrumental to our success of GSS 2020. The venue locates at the 31st floor of the 123 storied Lotte World Tower, the 5th tallest building in the world. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Seoul while conquering the science of soil security.

I look forward to seeing you in October 2020 at the GSS 2020 Conference. The cultural heritage of Seoul, birthplace of the harmonious dynamics of the high technology and old tradition, will make your participation in the 4th Global Soil Security Conference a memorable event.

Welcome to Seoul in October 2020.

Chairman of the GSS 2020
Kangwon National University, Korea