Program at a Glance

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As of March, 2020

Time Oct. 12 (Mon) Oct. 13 (Tue) Oct. 14 (Wed) Oct. 15 (Thu)
08:30-16:30 Exhibition Booth
09:00-09:30 Opening Ceremony
Welcome to the 4th GSS2020
09:30-10:31 Session 1
Soil Security:
Beyond the Soil (BTS) to
Human Health
Session 6
Soil Biome and Soil Security
Session 9
Soil Security:
Strategic Tools for the
Sustainable Soil Management
10:31-11:00 Coffee Break with Poster Viewing
11:00-12:25 Session 2
Soil Security and Soil Health
Session 7
Soil Security for Food-Water-Energy-Climate Nexus
Session 10
Environmental and Socioeconomic Threats to Soil Security
12:25-14:00 Lunch @ SKY31 Food Court
14:00-15:25 Registration
Session 3
Capability and Condition for Human Health
Session 8
Connectivity: Soil Security for the Smart Urban Ecosystem Services
Session 11
Linkage of Soil Security to Ecosystem Services and Sustainability
15:25-15:55 Coffee Break with
Poster Viewing
Move to Korea House Coffee Break with
Poster Viewing
15:55-17:20 Session 4
Digital Platform for Soil Security Assessment
Gala Dinner
with Performance
@ Korea House
Session 12
Soil Security:
Beyond the Soil to Where?
17:20-17:30 Break Break
17:30-18:31 Welcome
@ SKY 31 Lounge
Session 5
Soil Capital and Codification for the Policy Framework
Closing Ceremony
~21:00 - -

* Symposia programs are subject to change.